Our Worship

   Our worship here at Fountain of Life is distinctively charismatic.  It is alive, yet simple.  We love to express our worship by lifting our hands, praising the Lord, singing enthusiastically, dancing before the Lord and waving worship banners.  The gifts of the Spirit flow freely in our meetings.  It is our desire to express genuine, spontaneous worship in Spirit and in Truth that will honor the Lord.  We attempt to listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit in each worship service and follow His promptings.  This causes a sense of anticipation and excitement in each of our gatherings.  The most remarkable feature of our meetings, to most people, is the real sense of the Holy Spirit's presence among us.

   Visitors are always made to feel welcome here.  Relationships are an important part of our Christian experience and one of the primary strengths of our church.  If you are in the area, please feel free to visit.  Many have gone away refreshed in their spirit after having been touched by the presence of the Lord.